Very handy app that stores in an orderly way all the cards you have, from credit cards to documents, to loyalty cards.
Thanks to password access and biometric recognition via Touch and Face ID, you can save all your pins securely and review them conveniently by tapping on the name of the open card.
The 5 categories "documents", "cards/debit cards", "loyalty cards", "clubs/subscriptions/subscriptions" and "Favourites" (category shown at the start of the app) with the list and thumbnails of the cards make searching very quick.
A zoom is available to read even the smallest details of the photos. The card numbers in barcode, qrcode or matrix code format are automatically scanned, avoiding unnecessary errors.
In addition to being able to review both the front and back of the cards, there are two buttons that create high-definition barcodes and qrcodes for the cards to be scanned by special readers.
It is possible to share/copy/save and print the card (front and back photos) with all the services and devices at your disposal.
With the export function the card can be shared directly with a nearby iPhone via AirDrop or sent via email, chat, message and any other way you wish to share the exported Digital Card package.
The generated file can also be saved on a local folder or in the cloud as a backup; you don't have to worry about any codes contained because the exported package has two levels of security, an AES256 encryption and a single-use code that must be entered for import.
To ensure you don't lose your data there is a backup and recovery function from iCloud of individual cards and an export function of the entire encrypted and password-protected archive to store wherever you want.
To avoid getting lost in all these functions, you can read the guide accessible from the main screen.
Very useful, light, complete, always evolving and secure thanks to the integrated encryption of your iPhone that does not allow fraudulent access to your data.

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